How to Embroider a Hanky

How to Embroider a Wedding Hanky Part 1

I love machine embroidery.  I've been stitching on my sewing machine for many years, so when I was introduced to embroidery using a dedicated embroidery machine in about 2004, I was hooked!   Custom hankies, done for weddings and other occasions, such as a baby's Baptism, are … [Read More...]


A Tiny Tip! Wine Corks in the Kitchen!

What to do with those wine corks from the night before?   I've used the same two wine corks every day for many months.  I don't like a drippy spoon on my counter, and I sure don't like to trap the leftover water droplets inside the coffee maker each day.  I like it to air out, … [Read More...]

Embroidered Burlap Pillow

Monogrammed Burlap Pillow for a Good Cause!

I'm going to a party.  A party for a good cause.  It's called, "Nite in Olde Cumming," and is the one fundraising event that Sawnee Woman's Club has each year.  This year it is Saturday night, March 22nd, at the Three Chimneys Club House.  Just let me know if you want to come!  I'll meet you at the … [Read More...]

Gilded Mirror Top

Gilded Mirror How To

Gold is making a come back.  Metals are in.  So when the Dwell with Dignity Folks asked for the help of the Atlanta Bloggers Group to create the decor for an upcoming makeover for a deserving family, we were happy to help!  Erin Spain is the leader for this project.  Her blog is … [Read More...]

Valentine Decor

Simple Valentine Decor

  I'm not a gal who does red.  If I can help it.  At Christmas I will avoid red in my decorations.  I'm a green and silver and gold gal.  But sometimes, like for Valentine's Day Decor, even a green gal needs a pop of something that might be a spot of red.  Hot pink, too, which is my … [Read More...]

Heart Garland How-To Cover

Heart Garland How-To

And, how NOT to, I suppose! I was going to scrap (get it?) the whole post, because this very simple, but fun low-tech craft was to get us all in the mood for some LOVE.  Well, at least in the mood for Valentine's Day. But when I created the craft, step-by-step, it ended up being a sad, droopy mess … [Read More...]


Kim Banta Demo 2013

My other life.  Acting on camera and voice acting, too.  I've acted professionally for the past 27 years and counting.  It's pretty amazing and fun that I get to wake up each morning and not know who I might be! Here is my film and TV demo, showing some more recent work. Kim Banta Acting Clips … [Read More...]

Embroidered Thankful Banner!

Thankful Embroidered Banner

Last year I actually created this jaunty little fabric banner.  I had used my Accuquilt cutter with the triangle die to cut the pennant shapes in some scrap fall-like fabric.  Then I created a stitch file and a letter for each pennant, and saved them as machine embroidery files. I was just sort … [Read More...]