How to Move Quickly!

How to Pack Your House Quickly

We've had the house we have lived in for the past 27 years on the market for the past seven months. We've been living in our lake house for most of that time.  Ignoring the house that's on the market.  Poor house. It sat while we played, telling ourselves we would get the rest of the … [Read More...]

Finger Tip Towel

Haunted Halloween Decor!

I love when the temps drop like a spider from his web. Leaves turn as my own thoughts turn to all that's FALL and HALLOWEEN. No blood, gore or plastic floating heads... (Not that there's anything wrong with that.) More of a grown up, warm, cozy, snuggle under the covers sort of decor. This … [Read More...]

ScotchBlue TM Painters Tape Mouse Pillow Project

Mouse Pillow How-To

I'm going to tell you something that you may not know about me. I love to sew rectangles!  I also love to create Mouse Pillows.  So here is a little Mouse Pillow How-To for you, using ScotchBlue TM Painter's Tape to form a great, simple graphic ARROW! So, when I got my hands on a … [Read More...]

Example of Father of the Bride Card

How to Embroider a Hanky (and Fold) Part 2

Folding a Hanky to fit into a 5" x 7" Organza Drawstring Bag is simple, but looks so nice when folded this way.   Start with your starched, embroidered hanky...   Since this is the long-overdue "Part Two" of the "How to Embroider a  Wedding Hanky," you may want to head … [Read More...]

How to Embroider a Hanky

How to Embroider a Wedding Hanky Part 1

I love machine embroidery.  I've been stitching on my sewing machine for many years, so when I was introduced to embroidery using a dedicated embroidery machine in about 2004, I was hooked!   Custom hankies, done for weddings and other occasions, such as a baby's Baptism, are … [Read More...]


A Tiny Tip! Wine Corks in the Kitchen!

What to do with those wine corks from the night before?   I've used the same two wine corks every day for many months.  I don't like a drippy spoon on my counter, and I sure don't like to trap the leftover water droplets inside the coffee maker each day.  I like it to air out, … [Read More...]

Embroidered Burlap Pillow

Monogrammed Burlap Pillow for a Good Cause!

I'm going to a party.  A party for a good cause.  It's called, "Nite in Olde Cumming," and is the one fundraising event that Sawnee Woman's Club has each year.  This year it is Saturday night, March 22nd, at the Three Chimneys Club House.  Just let me know if you want to come!  I'll meet you at the … [Read More...]

Gilded Mirror Top

Gilded Mirror How To

Gold is making a come back.  Metals are in.  So when the Dwell with Dignity Folks asked for the help of the Atlanta Bloggers Group to create the decor for an upcoming makeover for a deserving family, we were happy to help!  Erin Spain is the leader for this project.  Her blog is … [Read More...]